Declining revenue in cable TV Ads make desperate times and call for innovative measures like automation.

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In a world where an explosion of new media choices has fragmented and segmented the viewing audience like never before, it’s a better time than ever to use Global Ad Automation.

With more channels and more choices available to available to viewers, you need a simple way to harness the explosive growth in advertising alternatives. That’s us. Global Ad Automation is your one-stop connection to the new world of electronic media.

With just one point of contact, your business can appear on a custom-blend of multiple ad choices that deliver just the demographic mix your business needs. Technologically, we’ve grown up. too. Substantial investments in new automation programming software, money saving management tools, and insertion technologies mean your advertisement will look better than ever. Plus we can get your ads running in no time flat. We are the one company you can count on to guide your business into tomorrow.

Making sense and simplicity out of a complex media environment. That’s our job. When you could use some help in charting the right media course for your business, Global Ad Automation is the perfect partner.

Our Products


The big news today is that the opportunities that led to a revolution in national cable advertising are available in local cable markets. Local advertisers can now buy a schedule on several cable networks and reach the higher income, better-educated viewers in their local trading area on their computer.


Intermixer is a digital management platform which integrates with dozens of other tools. This makes the elements of business processes faster, easier, more reliable, and secure.


WatchTower is equipped with multiple views to answer any and all questions. Views range from the macro to the micro-giving your system admin the tools they need to quickly resolve issues.

Success Stories

Cable TV Ads America is a complete turnkey advertising insertion company. CTAA deploys a full range of integrated digital insertion services via hardware and software platforms, offering complete outsourced solutions to cable companies. CTAA’s digital ad-insertion services were designed to serve cable operators who have not been able to generate advertising revenues due primarily to high equipment costs as well as those who are not maximizing revenues. In fact, the company can tailor a lucrative ad-insertion program to meet the needs of virtually any size cable company!
Steve Pyburn

Founder & CEO

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