InterMixer is a digital management platform for cable tv advertising Insertion which integrates with dozens of other tools,

This makes the elements of business processes faster, easier, more reliable, and secure.  A major tool in this arsenal is proprietary software that allows local ad schedules to merge with interconnect schedules.


Functionalities Include:

  • Preps and Fixes Schedules
  • Merges Interconnect and Local Schedules
  • UnMerges Verifications
  • Generates Reports on Missing Spots
  • Automatically Syncs to Interconnect through VPN or FTP
  • Can encode directly or use external transcoders.
  • All functions are automated but can also be done manually for on-demand results.



3214 W. Park Row
Pantego, TX 76013
T: +1 (817) 860-5330

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